The convention stage presents performances, competitions, live performances and all kinds of entertainment every hour! We will be updating the program for the next convention soon.


Sign up for competitions in info all day to participate and show off your tattoos for great prizes!

The categories for different tattoo competitions are as follows. Anyone with a tattoo matching the competition name can enter, "best of day" competitions are for pieces tattooed at the convention on that day and "best of the show" is naturally for the best piece of the entire weekend.

  • Best Small Tattoo
  • Best Color Tattoo
  • Best Black & Gray Tattoo
  • Best Traditional Tattoo
  • Best Neotraditional Tattoo
  • Best Japanese Style Tattoo
  • Best Realistic Tattoo
  • Best Leg Tattoo
  • Best of Friday
  • Best of Saturday
  • Best of Sunday
  • Best of the Show

Sign up for competitions in info, possible all day. Great prizes.

Friday 5.4.2024

16.00 Convention opens
21.00 Tattoo Arena, Q&A with the movers and shakers of tattooing on stage.
22.00 Arena, the extensive history of tattoos, the curators of tattoo museum interviewed on stage.
23.00 Best Small Tattoo
24.00 Best of Friday
Kaven Dark Fusion

Saturday 6.4.2024

12.00 Convention opens
14.00 Tattoo Arena
15.00 Kaven Dark Fusion
16.00 On stage: Best Traditional Tattoo
Coney Island Jugglers
17.00 Kaven Dark Fusion
17.30 Spankhill Swamperz
Spankhill Swamperz from east Finland plays traditional folk music. Swamp blues and Appalachian hillbilly banjo. Sebu Seppälä acoustic flatpicking and vocals, Johnny Maddox clawhammer banjo and steel slide guitar.
18.00 Best Color Tattoo
19.00 On stage: Coney Island Jugglers
Best Black & Gray Tattoo
20.00 Best Neotraditional Tattoo
21.00 Jay L
90s hip-hop with a fresh perspective and melodic expression.
22.00 Best Leg Tattoo
23.00 Best Japanese Tattoo
24.00 Best of Saturday
Jay L

Sunday 7.4.2024

12.00 Convention opens
13.00 Kaven Dark Fusion
14.00 Tattoo Arena
15.00 Best Realistic Tattoo
16.00 Spankhill Swamperz
17.00 Best of Show
Spankhill Swamperz